Saturday, April 08, 2006

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I just realized that the settings of my blog has only let people with Blogger-accounts leave comments on my blog :-( Sorry about that! I have changed the settings now, and I'm crossing my fingers, hoping it works!
I finished another handbag from Amy Butler's Madison pattern. For this one I used thin polyester batting instead of fusible interfacing and the result was so much better. The first one sort of collapses when you put it down, but this one keeps its shape. I was worried it would be too stiff and akward, but it worked really well, so I'll do that for the next one as well. - Yes there will be a next one: I gave this one to my youngest sister for her birthday last week. She loved it, and the middle one announced in no uncertain terms that she would expect one for her birthday in June as well. I don't usually like the idea of making more than one of anything, but it is nice when someone apreciates the work you do, so I expect she will get one... I have some new ideas to try out as well, so it looks like this will be one of those things that I might enjoy doing over and over. I haven't made one for myself yet either...

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