Friday, June 20, 2008

Cutting circles

I promised to tell you more about that Easy Circle Cut ruler I bought, and here it is! It really is what it promises to be - an easy way to cut circles from size 2"- 10". You just fold your fabric in half, place the ruler on top, aligning the black line labelled fabric fold line with the fold of the fabric, and cut within the curved slot labelled with the size you want. The half circle cut-out unfolds to make a circle, and that's it - nice and easy!
You do need a special rotary cutter with a small blade to do this- the curve is probably too tight for an ordinary rotary cutter, but with this one, I was OK. You can also cut half circles, of course, and there is an extra line for that purpose, so you get the added seam allowance.
Small circles were no problem either, and here are some of my 2" ones. I was off and running the minute I started, and before I knew it I had a stack of circles -
- and then some yo-yos in all sizes. This was fun! Wonder what it will become...?


Tine said...

That looks really fun!!
So the ruler and the cutter is a set? Hmmm....I never know what to do with yo-yos, but they are so much fun to make! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with yours..

Lily Boot said...

That's truly amazing! I would not have believed it possible to fit a rotary cutter inside those wee lines! Your sewing room must be an utter delight of gadgets! :-)