Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yo-yo pincushion

yoyo pincushion
Originally uploaded by crafty mathea
So this is where those yo-yos ended up, a little frivolity or frippery, just for the fun of it. But it can actually be used as a pin cushion, so it's not entirely useless. I found the pattern, by Michele Muska, in Cloth Paper Scissor's Studios issue.
This was as I said, just for fun, I'm not really planning to go in for a whole lot of yo-yo making, but I just had to give it a go. The circle cut ruler is more for making circles to use in quilts - I have some ideas... Hopefully this rain will continue tomorrow so I'll get to spend some time with my sewing machine...
I didn't get around to sewing all afternoon, as I have spent my time tweaking the blog - where did the time go?


Tine said...

What a great pincushion! Circles in quilts?!nThat sounds very difficult :-)

Lily Boot said...

Just lovely - personally, I think yo-yos add charm to absolutely everything - they can never go astray ;-) Hope you make the sewing machine tomorrow!