Sunday, June 08, 2008


I have a subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, and every time it arrives I'm bowled over by all the great ideas, and want to start everything at once. After a second reading, I must admmit that I usually end up thinking : "one day, maybe..." In the last issue however, I fell for a necklace made from felted beads by the Art Girlz , embellished with embroidered stitches, beads and sequins - something like this (number four in the second row), only better, and I wanted to start making one right away. I'd just have to order some felt beads, and endure the long wait as they made their way across the Atlantic. Imagine my surprise yesterday, when meeting up with my mom at a family birthday party, she handed me this blue box. "I got this as a free gift from my bookclub", she said "- can you find a use for it?"
Can I ever! They are perfect! The colours in this pic aren't quite true - compared to the background on the previous pic it is a bit too yellow, and the colours are more saturated. So now I can get my embroidery floss and beads out and do a bit of stitching. Perfect while trying to decide on my next quilting project!


Tine said...

That is so strange! But I guess you really have to make that necklace :-) LOL! The felted beads are beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll make the necklace..

Lily Boot said...

well that's just the most perfect luck! You are obviously so meant to have that necklace and good things will happen when you wear it :-) Can't wait to see it made - lovely colours!