Monday, June 02, 2008

Dotty bag

It's done! You won't be hearing about this bag forever now - because yesterday I finished it! There was a lot more work involved than I anticipated. Of course some of it I brought on myself because I chose to quilt it to within an inch of its life before I actually started constructing the bag itself. And then the very heavy interfacing made it a bit difficult to work with, plus I had to try out a few changes that probably didn't make my life any easier... But it's done, and I must admit I like it.
One of my favourite aspects is the aforementioned hardware - I love the contrast between soft fabric and these huge carabin hooks and shackles - that's what they are called - when in doubt, check the packaging... Google tells me that they are pin shackles used for the rigging of boats, so there, now I know. And they can also be used for the rigging of handbags - I bet they didn't know that at the hardware store ;-)

So that's another project ready - what next? Too much time spent at the sewing machine lately means that the dust bunnies are taking over, so I'll have to spend some time with my hoover before I do anything else. Then it's on to the next project - Project Spectrum, Earth, is next in line, I think. I have been googling pictures of moored boats for this one -I'll see where that leads me. I must go have a look at my green and brown fabric to get some inspiration I think...

Hold on, hoover first, play later!


Tine said...

It's gorgeous! The hardware does look very nice! It's hard to imagine they are made to use with boats LOL. The quilting may have taken forever, but it looks so good!

Diana said...

I love how this turned out. Great finish!