Saturday, May 31, 2008


Quilting is usually all about working with soft and pliable elements, "software" if you will. But my current project (you must be sick of hearing about this handbag by now, but we're nearly at the finishing line now - I promise!) includes a lot of hardware. Not the computer kind, but from the hardware store, or ironmonger's if you like. That's what I fell for in the first place with this pattern - the combination of soft fabric and somewhat rough bits and pieces like these carabin hooks and whadyamacallits. I don't know what they are for excactly, but something to do with boats I think, because that's the department I found them in. They just happen to be the right size. The colour of the metal is slightly different from the hooks, but never mind. They will do.

I have spent most of today struggling with this bag, but a movie and some hand stitching now should do it. Just so you won't think I'm terribly slow I must hasten to add that the day has been rather short because I slept in after a big party last night. We had this big shindig at work that I helped arrange (read: took over the arrangement of - I had forgotten how much fun that bit can be!) with a treasure hunt and fashion show involving a garbage bag and found objects. It was really fun to see how creative normally serious office workers can be in the right setting! Well, enough said, but getting to bed in the small hours and sleeping really late accounts for less sewing time today, and let's face it: my coordination might be "somewhat hampered" ;-)
This is my last post in May, and although I didn't post every day - some time away and some late nights prevented that - I think I did rather well. 19 posts in May, compared to 2 in April is definitely progress, right? I think this has helped me get back in the groove and I actually find myself thinking about what to blog during the day again, so I hope I will be able to keep it up, just don't expect a post every day!

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Tine said...

How strange that must be, to look for sewing-supplies at the hardware-store! LOL! It's going to be beautiful, though! Can't wait to see it all finished. And I don't think you are slow at all. One of the things I have really enjoyed during May, has been seeing how things are being made -instead of just seeing the finished results. I have really loved that.... So, keep posting regularly, I'll miss you if you don't!