Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rosy Sunday

I treated myself to a bunch of roses yesterday. I thought they were beautiful then, but this morning I was just stunned when I entered the room and caught sight of them. Such beautiful flowers! I usually buy fresh flowers for the weekend if I'm going to be at home - it's one of my "little luxuries". Even during my student days or first years in the workforce I'd rather treat myself to a bunch of flowers than have dinner at the end of the month when money was running out.
Luckily I can have both, these days. And luckily their beauty can still stop me dead in my tracks on an ordinary Sunday and bring a happy jolt to the heart.

On to something more mundane. I really must go and tidy my sewing area, there is quilting to be done!

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Tine said...

Such pretty roses! I love fresh flowers too. I think we all find things that make us stop and appreciate the things we have!