Friday, May 16, 2008


Oh, sorry - that's the back ;-)

Here we are, that's better! Although in my hurry to take some pictures of the finished quilt the ones I thought were good became blurred, and on the only sharpish one I've managed to leave out the border at one end. Oh, well, I'll just have to add some extra photos to my Flickr album tomorrow, I suppose. Well, as you see, the quilt is finished at last. I have quilted it with loose wavy lines criss-crossing the blocks and large stipple quilting around the border - just enough to hold the layers together, so that it will remainsoft and cuddly. The last quilt I made for myself was heavily machine quilted, and though I like the look of it, it's really too "stiff" to snuggle under.
I'll just add a label to this and then it is ready to be shipped to M who's had to wait for it since the end of April. Let's hope she finds it worth waiting for :-)


Lily Boot said...

very nice! I especially like the plaid - I've barely used any plaid because I always make it look wonky. Yours looks fabulous! And I know what you mean about the quilting - Abby's bears paw can almost stand up by itself!

Tine said...

It's stunning! I'm sure the wait won't matter once this arrives :-)