Monday, May 05, 2008

Learning socks

So here they are, my two learning socks. Luckily there is no cold-toed toddler waiting in the wings - he would be getting a rather odd pair of socks to wear...
The one on the left is The Little Sky Sock with a sky arch expansion and a star toe and the one on the right is The Little Coriolis Sock which starts with a whirlpool toe and a band of stitches crossing the arch. If I were to make a pair, the other one would have the band going the other way. But, making a pair? No, sorry that's not going to happen! I think that's why this sock thing keeps eluding me - once I've knitted one, it's a question of "been there, done that" and searching eagerly for something else to do... I do see the point of knitting both socks at once, so that's the way I'll go, I think... When I look at that Little Sky sock now, I suspect that I might have got my counting muddled up - it looks a bit short in the foot, but never mind, this was just to learn, right? I think I might be ready for the real stuff now! But first: quilting-time!

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Tine said...

Been there, done that! I know how you feel! That's why I don't knit socks!!