Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's up?

It's not always easy to find something to blog about, is it? Trying to do so every day is quite a challenge and let's face it, when I usually only blog about the things I make, and making them takes a while, the pictures won't be all that exciting. So instead of boring you with yet another photo of the quilting on my bag, let's see what everybody else is up to, shall we?
Jan at Be*mused has made a Flickr album of the quilts she's working on - I love how she calls them "marinating" quilts, don't you?
When not working on her own hexagons Margaret Cooter has visited the London Quilters exhibition - have a look at all the lovely quilts!
Downunder, the girls at Material Obession have a new book out, and there is a constant "show-and-tell" going on at their blog, sharing what they and their customers make.
I have spent some hours quilting the pieces for my bag today, and tomorrow I might get to start on the actual construction, which makes for more interesting pictures...

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Tine said...

Thank you for the links! I especially like "material obsession". They have some really cute things on their blog!