Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Any suggestions?

As I mentioned yesterday, I've almost finished the top of the Sunflower quilt, and here's the picture to prove it. It is really big, so it was difficult to find a place for a photo shoot, but you see most of it. It just needs those two side borders now and the top is done. Somehow, the back of my mind has decided that those borders should be a dark blue, but I'm open to other suggestions. The blue would go with the dark blue in the batik used on the edges of this block. I could also use a dark turquoise - (darker than the fabric with the white circles).
I've also auditioned a red, and that might work, or be too loud, depending on the shade, or maybe a green? I'm thinking that it needs to be a "quiet" fabric without a lot of pattern going on, because the rest of the quilt is rather busy, but I might be wrong... It will have to wait a while anyway, because I have nothing suitable in my stash to cut 6" borders + binding from (or the binding could be a different colour, I suppose...). So you see I have more questions then answers at the moment, so I'll just leave it to marinate for a few days, while I continue on the olympic quilt. I was going to work on that today, but good sister that I am (occasionally..) I made new curtains for my eldest sister's kitchen instead 0:-)<


Tine said...

That was a nice thing to do, sewing curtains!
Your sunflowerquilt is gorgeous! I think you are right, it needs to be a "calm" border fabric. The books used b&w dots, did you audition any polkadots?
Letting it marinate for a few days is a good plan, sometimes the right idea just shows itself after a while :-)
And....oh.....I am soooo impatient to see that olympic quilt of yours!

Kristin Shields said...

I think pulling out the sunflower colors would be nice for the border. I also think red would be good, but I'm a fan of red. Like Freddy Moran, I think of red as a neutral. Can you audition some fabrics you have in mind on the blog and then we can see what you're thinking?

Lily Boot said...

Wow! Looks wonderful! I'm with you on the fabric ordering - there's always a good justification - I'm even happy to eat less. As for borders - I belong to the red camp. But you'll just have to lay down a strip of red on one side and a strip of navy on the other and we'll see ;-)