Friday, August 08, 2008

First cut

The Olympic flame has been lit, and the sparks are flying from my rotary cutter... The first 6" strips for my new quilt has been cut, crosscut and the stitching has begun. You might think that an easy pattern like this is not enough of a challenge, but remember that there is also a backing to be made, assembly of the top and of course the quilting. While watching the opening ceremony, I noticed a recurring spiral-pattern, on the scroll in the arena, on the torches and other places as well - like a quilting pattern... Hm, maybe that's what I'll do? I'll have my work cut out for me then, for sure. We'll see - first things first, I need to cut more strips!

And don't worry, I haven't abandoned my Sunflower Quilt! I finished all the blocks today, so now I'll have to decide on the placement before I start piecing them together. I fully intend to put some work in on both quilts during the next couple of days - it's a good thing I still have a week off from work!


Tine said...

The opening ceremony was so pretty!!! And this quilt of yours will be too! I grabbed the button to put on my sidebar, thanks for making it :-)

cathleen said...

Pretty fabrics. You sound like me. I have to be working on a couple of quilts at a time. One for cutting out, one for piecing, and one for quilting. Three quilts at a time. Never get bored!