Monday, August 11, 2008

Going swimmingly

Just a few more laps, and the top is done. I've been wondering about how many sports cliches I could cram into a post - how many hurdles to finish, a marathon of stitching, and so on, but I'll spare you :-)

I found a dark blue with black flowers in my stash that will be a good backing for this, so I should be able to layer it tomorrow.
I have also finished stitching the blocks together on my Sunflower quilt, but have yet to take a picture. It still needs a couple of borders, and I have been trying out a few different colours, but haven't found the right fabric yet, so I might need to go shopping... In my mind it needs a dark blue border, but I will post a picture and maybe get a second opinion on that. Anyway, my stash only holds small pieces of all the fabrics I think might work, and with 6 1/2" borders I will need a lot of fabric. Hmmm, and I have placed a few fabric orders already... - Well I didn't go far for my holidays this year, think of all the money I saved... ;-)

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Tine said...

Oh I want to see! Both the strippy quilt and the sunflower quilt!
I know how you feel about the fabric orders!! I have put in quite a few as well....but hey! This is what keeps us sane, right?!

The remark about the sports cliches made me LOL!!