Saturday, February 07, 2009

And then there was cake

Another way to fight the February Funk: Make a cake and invite a friend over for a stitch'n'bitch session. The cake is a chocolate fudge recipe from the latest Ideal Home Magazine, but with apricot marmalade and whipped cream instead of the fudgy filling. Delicious!

Some ham-and-cheese muffins provided sustenance before we tucked into the cake. And hours of chatting, knitting, hand-stitching, looking through magazines and books and sharing inspiration, reminiscing and laughing gave sustenance of it's own kind and made for a lovely afternoon.
And, if the last couple of posts have left you thinking that I'm in the midst of a deep depression: it isn't quite that bad, and I am in fact managing to get a little work done, albeit slowly slowly. The zigzag top is almost complete, more pictures soon. Or not. It's not a time for making promises about progress, but I will get there ;-) And in the meantime I'm soaking up inspiration from all those books and magazines, sketching and taking notes for future projects. So maybe taking things slowly for a while isn't such a bad thing after all.

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Lily Boot said...

I think you've hit upon a wonderful solution for the winter greys - especially chocolate cake with marmalade - yum! Perhaps it's just the new year being bogged down this year - I know just how you feel and there's no hint of cold here!