Monday, February 02, 2009

February Funk

I should start this blog with a picture of a dreary day or something, to illustrate what I'm on about. But I won't. Amanda at SouleMama was writing about February Funk today and I know just what she's talking about. It doesn't make sense, February being the shortest month and all, but it really gets me down. It might be something about the happy glow of Christmas having faded into nothing and of being plunged back into everyday life again, knowing that winter has only just begun, but I just don't seem to be able to gather the energy to do anything creative. Spring just seems so far away, the days are busy at work, and I only want to huddle under a quilt in my favourite chair when I get home and read and snooze. I keep fighting it, though, and I do manage to get a few things done, but it is apparently not a time for any major effort on my part.

Maybe that is the way it should be. Maybe I just need to take time out to relax and let my imagination run around on it's own and let some ideas stew for a while before I actually do something about them. I think I'll do just that and not beat up on myself for being lazy. But poor February, it isn't all bad, so this year I'll follow Amanda's example and make an effort to find the positive aspects of this month. Starting tomorrow I'll be carrying my camera to work and try to find something positive to document every day.
The pictures are of the little "Art piece" I tried my hand at, combining fabric paper and quilted fabric, a way back. I added some more layers, a bit of embroidery, some buttons and beads.
I think it is done now.

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calamity kim said...

hey sistah!
my birthday is Friday- yes, this year it's on a Friday...the 13th...I get funky in feb too! not wanting to be another year older...dreading another roll of fat...i seem to add one each year since 45!! anyway- the pie helps, really and now, you've made me want cake!
I love the fabric paper collage here- I tried that once- its a bit messy but great once its dry.
please cheer up deary, or go sit by the abyss and stare deeply- whatever makes you ultimately feel better.
I'm right there with ya.