Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I promised to tell you more about this fabric collage thingy, didn't I ? Well, I've finished it, so it's time for show and tell!

I used the red piece for covers, and the purple and green pieces were made into two pockets each. The covers were lined with fabric paper and the six pieces were bound together with perle cotton, using a stab stitch. Some eylets, buttons and strips of torn fabric and it all ended up as a little book.

I got the idea from Belinda Spiwak's fabric book in Cloth Paper Scissors (jan/feb issue) , but I made mine a little larger (5 x 5") to make it roomy enough.
So what is it for? Well, even if making it was half the fun it does have a function - it is a place to store all those coils of cable neccessary to charge batteries and connect in this cyber world of ours. So I might just remember to bring them along on my next trip... More pictures here.
And another good thing - working on this little quick gratification project has left me all energized and ready to tackle the remaining quilting on my Sunflower quilt - or could it have something to do with February drawing to a close...?

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