Saturday, February 14, 2009

It looks kind of pretty though, doesn't it?

The view from my balcony last night. It was really a jolt to the system to go out there to take that picture though - it was so cold! But a warm duvet and my copy of "Where women create" was waiting for me in my bed, and one of the first things I read was how such a jolt to the system before you go to your creative place can really wake your muse. What with the quiet time I've been enjoying the last week and all the fresh inspiration I've soaked up, my mind is brimming with ideas of things I want to make. But first I'll just make (yet) another attempt to get my workspace sorted. There must be goblins or something around, making a mess whenever I look the other way...
The magazine is providing me with lots of ideas about how to organize my space though, and I'm feeling really fired up, so I'd better strike while the iron is hot. I'm off to my craft corner. It is certainly too cold to venture outside today - apart from getting the occasional jolt to the system, that is!

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