Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More inspiration from France

I got hold of the spring issue of Marie Claire yesterday, and it is full of inspiration. Just look at that fabric covered (I think) chair on the cover. And the knitted veg - radishes on the cover, but also cauliflower, tomatoes and carrots. Now if only I were able to read a french knitting pattern!

And look at the details in this picture - a picture printed on fabric with added embroidery and some of the clothes are done in appliqué - reminds me of those postcards people used to send home from holidays in Spain when I was a kid, with those wonderful flamenco dresses appliquéd on.
And there is a wonderfully bright quilt. I love the effect of those yo-yos scattered all over.
And there are aprons, wonderful aprons with cupcakes and ruffles, and this pretty little thing with triangles along the edge which reminds me of bunting. Quite the festive little thing, isn't it?
Clever ways with ties as well. I particularly like this simple little bag with a pretty tie used to, well to tie it together, I suppose. It is threaded through big eyelets around the edge, which is another thing I can't seem to get enough of lately. If only I could find those big ones somewhere...
Well, all this inspiration seems to be working, I can't wait for the weekend and some serious stitching time. The fact that the outside temperature is rising might have something to do with it as well, I suppose - I wasn't made for cold weather ;-)

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Anonymous said...

It looks so wonderful! I checked the bookstore on Tuesday and they didn't have this issue in yet... I'll have to check back in a few more weeks... it usually takes a while (but it's worth it!). Have a great weekend.