Monday, May 18, 2009

A bow tie quilt for Mini Quilt Monday

Filled bow tie
Originally uploaded by crafty mathea
I'm still doing the cheating thing here by showing an old quilt - there's absolutely no time to quilt these days - all work and no play while getting ready for a trip. This is a baby quilt from 2006, and believe it or not it is a bow tie quilt!
I used the 3D version of the bow tie block in three different sizes, but used four pieces of the background cream print and only the middle square in a contrasting colour. The middle squares are stuffed with polyfil and with stipple quilting all around, the squares lie like small stuffed pillows on top of the quilt. It was quite fun to do, so maybe I'll make another one. There could be a tutorial in this, I suppose.
PS. Can anyone tell me why it is that when I post from Flickr and then go in and edit the post in Blogger, the caption under the photo shrinks into fly specks???

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Lily Boot said...

sweet quilt! I love the way the coloured centres bob about amongst the white and cream.