Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finding time to shop and sew...

Yesterday my sis and I had a little shopping spree at the garden centre. The car was filled with plants for my balcony pots (mind you, it's a small car...) and then we had a lovely lunch of boboli filled with curried chicken and celebrated the arrival of summer with Italian ice cream - mmm, lovely! The cherries came home with me for an evening treat.

And then it was back to sewing again. I decided to go with the Meadow pattern (from Melly & Me) and although those curved seams were a bit daunting, I'm happy to say that so far things have worked out quite well. I'm using a thin batting instead of interfacing, so the pieces have been quilted - I just like that soft look that quilting adds. I'm not entirely sure about the fabric I have used for the top though. It is a lovely fabric, but since the main fabric is slightly greyer, they don't seem to play together as nicely as expected, it makes the main fabric look dirty, I think. I added a strip of that black and cream check to the lightest fabric before cutting the pattern piece, and I think that helps. I think I'll also add some red yo-yo hearts as a finishing touch. The pattern doesn't include any inside pockets, something I think all handbags need, so I'm working on some ideas here. And then I'll have to decide which fabric to use for handles. Now I only have to find the time to finish it. And to get those plants sorted out, and to do a bit of dusting... And do you know, I think Jody has found a great solution there - go check out her craft clock!

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