Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've been away on a business trip this last week, and although that can be hard work some of the time, there are some perks too. Like coming across this sweet little milk bucket at the airport - perfect for storing bits and bobs in my sewing room! And the chocolate inside was good too (note the past tense)...And this pretty purse was inevitably having to come home with me - "someone was going to have to set a bad example" - too true! I always try to be the naughty auntie giving the kids ideas their parents wouldn't come up with and telling tales about what their mums used to get up too... Well, somebody has to, right?

But the best of all treats on a trip, as any quilter knows, is getting some new fabric! This was just irresistible! And having been such a good girl most of the week... I felt I deserved it. Now I just have to come up with that perfect little project for it. I'll be exploring a few ideas over the next couple of days. Today I've been concentrating on quilting my Mod Quilt Sampler, and it is coming along nicely. Then there is the trapunto heart one, and a handbag for a birthday next week - it's a good thing I have the rest of the week off!

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Lily Boot said...

meanie! you didn't share any of those chocolates! Love the bag and LOVE the bali pops. Yum!