Saturday, May 09, 2009

Why is the giraffe blushing?

This fabric has always suggested giraffe to me - a blushing giraffe at that. So I have been looking at photos of giraffes and wondered how I could appliqué a convincing image of a giraffe. Then I found a giraffe stencil, and I started thinking: What if the viewer is really close to the giraffe, only seing a part of his body or neck - then this fabric could play the main part in a small quilt. And why would the giraffe be blushing anyway? Because he's thinking of his lady love? That's where the stencil and a paintstick comes in. I have joined Malka's Mini Quilt Monday, so by Monday you should know if I have been able to make this work.
So that's part of my plan for tomorrow. That and the two layered quilts waiting next to my sewing machine. Some more mundane activities as well - don't you just love how people seem to think: "oh she's got a sewing machine, she will love hemming my trousers/shortening my dress" Oh well, one favour is worth another, I suppose, and I'd best just get on with it and then I can get back to having fun.
Last night I had friends over for cheese and wine, and we chatted well into the night. Today my day started with a bit of gardening - I live in a block of flats, and a couple of times a year we all get together to do some work in the flower beds and backyard - that's the idea anyway, although this time only four people showed up, so plenty of work for those of us who did... And it started raining while we were at it, so I'm done in for today: all achy muscles and creaky joints - I really need to get more exercise! Well, tomorrow's another day...

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Lily Boot said...

a blushing giraffe sounds so lovely! clearly it's a he and he's a little shy but madly in love with this gorgeous leggy creature across the glen. He cannot bear to get too close, in case he says something silly, so he's hiding behind a tree, watching her lovingly with his moony eyes. We can only see wee bits of his blushing neck through the dappled green leaves! Get chopping Mathea - I can't wait to see what you do :-)