Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Waiting for spring

Yesterday I gave in to temptation and let myself believe that spring had finally arrived. So what does one do? Go shopping for flowers of course! There are som wilted daffs from Easter in the background here, but the rest were put outside yesterday in nice balmy weather. So what happend today? We got snow! It melted before it hit the ground, and the little storm settled as quickly as it started, but still! I didn't order snow for May! When I came home from work I had to take pity on this little group all huddled together, so they get to spend a few more days indoors. But really, this won't do! All the weather is good for now is crafting.

So that's what I've been doing. I finally finished piecing the backing for my Mod Sampler yesterday, and the trapunto hearts on the other one are done. So today I suddenly found myself with two quilt tops and backings ready for layering. My least favourite task. But the thing is, I finished one of them, and it wasn't so bad! I used a new method (for me) from the quiltalong, where you place the top on the batting, cut the batting to size, roll it all up with the batting on the outside. You then place the backing down and unroll the top and batting on to it, smooth it out and pin. And you know what? It worked!
I didn't have enough floor space, so I did it all on my kitchen table with the extra leaves in, and it was just fine. Earlier I have been struggling with batting and backing folded in four, smoothed out half at a time, unfolded, refolded and added the folded top, smoothed, and unfolded.... I don't know if this makes any sense, but it was an elaborate and tedious process where I always felt that I could do with an extra pair of hands. And that wouldn't have been very attractive, not to mention the problems I would have had in finding tops with four sleeves...
So, what I'm trying to say here is that you live and learn. This makes the thought of layering the other quilt less daunting, so I might get to that on Thursday. Tomorrow is a night out, though - dinner with my quilting friends followed by a guild meeting, what fun!

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Lily Boot said...

Hmmm ... that sounds most intriguing. I LOATHE layering the quilt - and have absolutely no room to do a decent job. We have a lovely big table from Ikea on our wish list - that includes extra leaves - but that won't be for another 7 months or so. So, my very next quilt Mathea, I'm trying your rolly method. p.s. I did find some huge collapsible tables at a second hand office furniture warehouse the other day - I thought I could maybe keep them under the house and drag them into the garden to layer quilts there - not sure.