Sunday, July 06, 2008


Yesterday was really too warm to do much, but I pottered around, transfered some patterns for embroidery, folded fabric and sorted stuff, trying to become more organized. But I suppose some have a knack for that sort of things, while others just don't. I tend to claim that I'm creative, so you can't expect me to be tidy too... But sometimes excuse just won't do, and the actual, boring work just has to be done.

Eventually I settled on the couch though, and finished the last of the binding on my tablecloth, so there it is in all it's glory, posing as a floor cloth ;-) I was going to take a photo of it actually on a table, but forgot until just now, so I'll put one in Flickr later.
Today I woke up to a cooler day, and spending time at the sewing machine seemed more tempting. So I finished quilting this 30 x 30" square before turning it into a bag.
It's probably not going to be my favourite bag, and if I were to do it again, I might have done a few things differently. For one, I believe the original wasn't quilted - it was just made from two pieces of fabric stitched right sides together and turned inside out, and that must have made construction easier. Because after folding the quilted piece, there was some stitching through several layers of quilt that was really tough going, I tell you! I was about to give it up for a while, but a break, a glass of water and some fresh air helped, and I managed in the end. The fact that it is quilted also means that I cant close it completely, the way you are supposed to with a drawstring bag. Well, you live and learn. I quite like it anyway, and I will use it to tote my hand sewing when I go to guild meetings and such. Because of the way it is folded, it has four handy pockets inside for all the bits and pieces one always have to bring along.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention: it was made following instructions on Quilting Arts TV - the first series.


Tine said...

Oh your tablecloth is stunning!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your tablecoth - those colours are gorgeous! Your little quilted bag is great too.