Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Remember those felt beads? Well here they are again. Some of them, anyway. I have been playing around with some beads, sequins and embroidery floss, and embellished the beads and made a necklace close to what I had in mind. I was quite pleased with it, and wore it to a quilting bee the other day. Everybody thought it was "cool" and wanted to know where they could get hold of some beads of their own. Later that day I wore it at my sister's birthday party. Not a single soul noticed it until I pointed it out to them. And then it was all: "Oh, you have made something again, have you? What is it for?" - Weeell, people are different I suppose, and you have to be a crafter to see the point of some of the things I do - just making something because it's fun and without having to justify its usefulness seems foreign to some. I'm not being grumpy or anything, mind you - I just find it fascinating that people can be so different. My youngest sister (who wasn't there that day) and I are the only ones with a craft gene (there is one - isn't there?) and we keep making things for each other, but the rest maintain a polite interest.

Maybe they'll see a use for these, though (or maybe not...). I'm not quite sure I do myself, but they were fun and easy to make. They are covers for post-it notes, making them into sweet little books. I found the instructions here and made a few last night. My cousin and his family are coming to stay in a few weeks, and I thought it would be fun for the kiddies to have their own little books, and spread sticky notes all over the place. As an indulgent "auntie" who only sees them a couple of times a year, I can live with that for while :-)
I made these from some scrapbook paper, but I think those pieces I had are a bit flimsy, so I will look for something a bit sturdier for the next batch, I think.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm... love the necklace - I would definitely have commented - hey that's what I'm doing ;-)! Now I'm moving and my brain is fudge so remind me - do you buy felt beads or make them? I've just bought the Warm Fuzzies book - so many nice things to make - including groovy as felt bowls with felt balls. As for crafting, I get that response sometimes - mostly from family - "ah!," they smile and nod "another quilt - what do you need this one for ?" I LOVE your sticky notes covers - my little girl is really into creating flick book animations and uses pads of sticky notes for this - I could make her some covers with little titles on them! Cool! p.s. sorry I am sticking all this in a comment but my email is only receiving not sending!

Tine said...

The necklace looks beautiful!

Teena Vallerine said...

Love that you came up against the craft philistines! I had a memorable encounter with one with a necklace too - much better than yours - CF "oh did you make that" me (delighted it had been noticed) "yes I did!" CF "hmm, it looks like it" (not in a nice way!!) oh dear! do we care? Will it stop us? Oh no no no! t.x (your necklace is far far nicer than mine!)