Thursday, July 17, 2008


In case you think my stash ate me or something - no , I'm still here, and still sorting things out, little by little. Going through the piles of fabric and what have you, I found this finished cross-stitch from earlier this spring. I had put it aside until I found a frame for it. The frame was purchased a while later, but did the two ever meet? The answer is no, of course - rocrastination being my middle name and all... Well, you will be happy to hear that I have got around to framing it now - properly, with a thin layer of batting underneath and firmly laced on the back, and all - so in no time at all it should be upon the wall. Knowing me I probably shouldn't make any rash promises like that, but at least I think I know where to put it - to join this one: The latter is actually an awful picture, taken with my old camera, so I should take a new one, but you get the idea. Witches. There are more of them, and more to come.

They seem to steel into my stash in pattern (LH23) and fabric form. Now if they'd only swing those brooms and help me become a bit more tidy, but I seem to have missed out on a gene there, somehow. Oh, well, back to work!
Oh, I forgot to say: the first one is "Witchy Washy" by Raise the Roof Designs - they have a wonderful collection of washing-line designs, like "Santa Clothes" and "Turkey Dressing" and I really love their "Crabby all Year" design...
The second one is a Lizzie*Kate "Snippet" (small chart). The broom on the frame was my own idea.

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Tine said...

I was beginning to wonder....LOL.
The washing-line designs are wonderful! Turkey dressings! LOL!!

I gave you an award...come on over and get it :-D