Thursday, April 16, 2009

Like mother like daughter?

My mother doesn't quite get this quilting bug of mine. Whenever I start a new project I'm met with questions of "What is it for?", "Who is it for?" or the most annoying one: "But have you finished... (insert description of whichever quilt I was working on last week)yet?"
The idea of working on several projects at once is very foreign to her.
Maybe it is her Virgo personality? Apparently this is the theory that her group of "old girls" came up with when they got together for a bit of Stitch'n'bitch last night. The reason for this discussion was her trying to choose which project to stitch next.
For years I have been visiting the lovely Ehrman shop in Kensington whenever I have been in London, and almost every time I have left with a pretty bag containing a new kit. Now tapestry has turned out not to be my kind of thing, and my mum has taken pity on the kits languishing in my stash. This lovely cushion was ready just in time for Easter and has pride of place in my sofa, next to this one. She was very keen to stitch another one, and got to take two more kits home with her last week. Last night, as she was trying to decide which one to stitch first, it was her horrified expression when one of her friends suggested that she could switch between the two kits as her mood decided that started the discussion, I'm told. So is there anything in that theory? Are Virgos more likely to finish one project before they start another one? Not that it matters. I'm just grateful that she is willing to finish these kits for me so I get lovely colourful cushions to grace my sofas :-)
Well done Mum, and thank you from your headstrong Scorpio daughter.

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