Friday, April 10, 2009

UFOs coming in to land

All this tidying up has unearthed a few UFOs. Now I'm all for abandoning old projects that no longer give you a thrill, but here was a finished top for a tablecloth, just in need of a bit of quilting and a leftover from a class from ages ago in colours I loved. So a few hours in the sewing room today, and the tablecloth is quilted and just needs binding and it's done.

The other piece was originally meant to be a table runner, started in a class where we practised sewing wavy seams. I just added a couple of wavy pieces and a few borders, and I'm left with, not a table runner, but a small table topper. And an almost finished one at that. Not bad for half a day's work, is it?
Tomorrow there is more quilting on the sunflower quilt (heard that one before?) - it IS coming along nicely, so I should have a finshed quilt to show you all soon. And I haven't abandoned the quiltalong-quilt, but wouldn't you know it: the fabric I have been waiting for has arrived, but the post office is closed until Tuesday :-(
Oh well, I have plenty of other things to work on, so I'll be fine. And holidays are also about meeting up with friends and family, so there's plenty going on. I've just come back from a family do, in fact - my oldest nephew's 20th birthday. He still wants his old aunties there, the dear boy, so of course we all gather to exclaim about how grown up he is and how time has flied and how sweet he was as a baby, and how it seems like only yesterday. He loves the attention, really, as long as none of his mates get to hear any of it... ;-)

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