Thursday, April 23, 2009


Look at what the mailman brought yesterday! It's not my birthday, and it is not a gift. But it certainly looks like one. It is actually my first order from SewMamaSew. I had been looking for some Alexander Henry Fabric, and after reading Kristin's review of Anna Maria Horner's Multi Tasker Tote pattern, I knew this was a pattern I couldn't live without. So I did a bit of "research" (or shopping, as some call it) and ended up finding everything in one place. And look how beautifully it was presented: fabric and pattern neatly folded, bound with twill tape and wrapped in cellophane. I could hardly bear to open it at first!Looks quite tempting, doesn't it? And of course I couldn't contain my excitement for long, and before I knew it I had torn the whole thing apart!

There's lots of fun to be had here. Those funny cars will go well with my London Map-fabric and will become a handbag soon (one of the 4,5,6 I think I "need" to make...). And that multi-coloured polka dot - swoon! Too bad they only had half a yard left - I shall have to use it well!

I felt I deserved a little shopping spree now, having done so much sewing lately. I even finished my Sunflower Quilt!
Sorry for leaving you with this little teaser for now. I'll see if I can take it outside to take pictures tomorrow - it's really too big to get an undistorted photo by spreading it on the floor, so I shall have to find a place to hang it up.

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