Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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The fabric I wanted to audition for sashing finally arrived. That is, it arrived at the post office before Easter and I couldn't get at it before today. Arrgh! But here it is finally, and I think I prefer this to white. White would give it a cool crisp look, but everyhing would show up on it, I think, and I would have to keep washing it all the time. This seems much more practical. I like that it looks like denim while it is soft and lightweight.

I have seen a few quilts made from old jeans and they tend to be really heavy, so that's not what I wanted. But this still reminds me of my old favourite jeans patched with bits and pieces of floral fabric along the way - no gaping holes in my jeans thank you - I caught the tail end of the hippie era as I was entering my teen years, and have a bit of nostalgia for that style.

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Joyce said...

Perfect. It does give that old jeans feel which is much nicer than the actual weight of old jeans. I guess we old hippies never get over it. Lol.