Wednesday, March 15, 2006

And here's the bag!

My Chelsea Tote is finally done! A few design opportunities along the way, but here it is. I have a serious flaw: I can't seem to leave a turquoise fabric alone in the quilt store - a piece of it has to come home with me. The result is a box full of them and I managed to find 18 different ones that went well together for this bag. But the thing is you can't see any inroads in my stash, so I have to think big if I'm ever to reduce that stash :-)
However, it was the bag I wanted to show off, it has a shoulder strap with a zipper in it so it can also be used as a backpack. With two ways of closing it is probably the most versatile bag I have made so far. And if I ever get bored when I'm out and about with my new bag, the lining provides interesting reading material!
I am well into my next project, the table runner with curvy hearts. A bit of hand basting now and it will be ready for quilting. My Project Spectrum runner is next in line. As I mentioned, my stash had a serious lack of red fabric, so today a little shopping expedition was called for. My new red fabrics are now washed and hung to dry, so tomorrow I will be ready to go! I don't know if it's just the weather - all the snow and slippery pavements we've had to struggle with lately has got me down a bit - all the signs of spring were there, and the next minute the world was white again- duh! Things haven't been too great at work lately either, so today I decided it's time for a little r&r and I have decided to take a day off on Friday. Lovely! A whole day to do what I like, I felt the stress slip of my shoulders and my spine straighten just thinking about it. Just one more day at work now and then a loooong weekend to look forward to - lovely!

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