Sunday, March 05, 2006

Design opportunity

"There are no mistakes, only design opportunities" to quote British quilter Dorothy Stapleton. I finished stitching my turquoise strips together, got my wonderful lining fabric out of hiding, spray glued my quilt sandwich and quilted the whole piece with some great variegated thread only to realise that I was supposed to quilt only the top fabric and batting, and leave the lining to stitch the inner pockets on, before I sew the quilted piece and the lining together. Sigh! This is why I usually don't use patterns. No way am I taking the quilting stitches out, and a new separate lining is no option. I wont hide the great "Drama Queen" fabric from Michael Miller designs, so new solutions are called for. I will try to stitch the outer pockets on through all the layers and the inner pocket will be stitched on by hand through lining and batting so the seam doesn't show on the outside. I will have to add binding strips along the edges, but I think I might make it work. And it will be my very own version of something that started out as a standard pattern. Who cares! I think I might prefer the bag this way actually - no loose floppy lining and a much firmer bag will be the result. I think. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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