Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ready to play

It has been a great quilting day! I met up with a group of other quilters from my guild and we spent a happy day chatting, stitching and laughing. I decided that I couldn't be bothered bringing my sewing machine along, as I had to go by bus, so I sat up until late last night stitching through paper to make half square triangles for the Project Spectrum challenge. That done, meant I could spend the day trimming the squares and peeling off all the paper while chatting away, so I didn't realize that all the boring bits were gradually being done.
It is great getting together to see what everybody else is doing - such an inspiration! One of the girls is working on a Quilt University project that included a lovely finish - the binding was stitched on from the back and sewn down from the front with a tiny bead added for each stitch - such a lovely effect! I must try that sometime...
The day passed quickly and before I realized it all my squares were ready, so a few hours of sleep and I'm ready to play! I can't wait to see if it works out the way it does in my mind. I love the lime fabrics in the mix and think they really "lift" the reds and pinks to make them even better.
Now for some beauty sleep (as if that will work... :-D)

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