Sunday, March 12, 2006

Seeing red, but not enough...

I have started a new project today! No, the bag is not finished yet, but the last bits and pieces will be done by hand. Because of the mistakes I made I had to make some adjustments: I have added binding to the seams on the inside. I could have left the edges as they were and just zigzaged to stop them from fraying, but I have one bag where I did that and I'm forever turning it inside out to shake out all the fluff, fiber and gunky bits that seem to gather in the bottom. Hate that! So, binding it is. Only drawback is it has to be stitched down by hand. I also have to add binding to the upper edge, but it's coming together the way it should, so a bit of hand stitching in front of the box tonight and it should be done.
I have gathered my reds and pinks for Project Spectrum, but haven't started cutting them yet. I'm worried I might not have enough reds, but that's just an excuse for a serious Stash Enhancement eXpedition, isn't it? ;-) I've never thought of myself as a "pink person", but funnily I have plenty of lovely bright pinks. I don't know about those reds, but come to think of it I made two kids' quilts with lots of reds in the borders before Christmas, so that's where they went!
In the meantime I've started on a new table runner with curvy hearts. Some of the reds are going into that as well, so there you go - I do need more red fabric! So far it doesn't look like much, just some squares, some of which are folded into triangles, but some time in the company of my sewing maching might make this more interesting... And it is painfully obvious from the picture that my cutting table needs a good tidy - piles of fabric from recent projects must be put away to make room for more - now why didn't I do that along the way?

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